• Two SafanDarley 5-axis electric driven press brakes with fully working length backguages
  • 50 ton, 6’ bed
  • 100 ton, 10’ bed
  • Originally designed for the aerospace industry, each press brake capable of holding a 0.5° tolerance
  • Features electromagnetic backguage fingers with automatic sheet thickness verification
  • Utilizes industry standard 3D models to develop forming programs including STL, STP, IGES, and STEP
  • Premium touchscreen press brake control station

Techno-Aide’s two state-of-the-art SafanDarley Premium press brakes offer aerospace quality precision and high-capacity throughput like no other. With a capacity of up to 100 ton and 10’ bed clearance, Techno-Aide can quickly and accurately form a multitude of metals of varying thicknesses, perfect for virtually any job.

Capable of holding a 0.5° tolerance, Techno-Aide’s industry leading press brakes feature electromagnetic backguage fingers with automatic sheet thickness verification to deliver reliable consistency with every product. The CNC-controlled Y1-Y2 axis and wide range X-axis backguages offer the precision and detailed control necessary to deliver the highest quality products. The ability to utilize most industry standard 3D models such as STL, STP, IGES, and STEP, allows Techno-Aide to offer the simplest and most effective fabrication service available.

Whether products need to be designed, cut, formed, or coated, Techno-Aide will provide high precision accuracy, speed, and the customer experience you deserve. Contact us today to find out why Techno-Aide is unlike any other contract fabricator around.


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