Laser Cutting


  • High precision Mazak 4Kw fiber laser able to cut up to 2000” a minute
  • Superior repeatable accuracy up to 0.03mm
  • Large capacity bed fits up to 5’ x 10’ sheets
  • Able to cut mild steel, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, copper, and more
  • Capable of specialty cutting up to 1” thick mild steel sheets
  • Works with all common general flat pattern files including DXF, DMG, SAT, and more

Techno-Aide’s new Mazak Optiplex Nexus 4Kw fiber laser is a 2D flying optics fiber laser-cutting system that uses a helical rack and pinion positioning design to provide superior precision, unparalleled performance, and a high-capacity throughput ideal for virtually any fabrication job.

With an exceptional and repeatable accuracy up to 0.03mm, Techno-Aide’s state-of-the-art laser cutting capabilities ensure a superior product every time. The large bed capacity design easily fits sheets of mild steel, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, copper, and other metals up to 5’ by 10’ per sheet. Techno-Aide is even able to offer specialized cutting for up to 1” thick mild steel with consistent and reliable accuracy. The Optiplex Nexus’ universal operating platform accepts virtually every standard flat pattern file such as DXF, DMG, and SAT for fast and efficient fabrication.

Whether products need to be designed, cut, formed, or coated, Techno-Aide will provide high precision accuracy, speed, and the customer experience you deserve. Contact us today to find out why Techno-Aide is unlike any other contract fabricator around.


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