• On-site MIG welding for mild steel fabrication
  • Spot welding for thickness up to 10-gauge
  • Custom fabrication based on print or design requests

Techno-Aide’s general welding capabilities ensure delivery of the highest quality products with reliable consistency no matter the job. This premium on-site craftsmanship allows for virtually limitless possibilities for fabrication and design.

Techno-Aide welding relies on modern industry leading techniques and equipment to achieve results efficiently and effectively without sacrificing quality. Techno-Aide currently offers Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding for mild steel jobs, and spot welding for thicknesses up to 10-gauge. Techno-Aide’s long-standing expertise and full-service fabrication capabilities deliver superior results time after time.

Whether products need to be designed, cut, formed, or coated, Techno-Aide will provide high precision accuracy, speed, and the customer experience you deserve. Contact us today to find out why Techno-Aide is unlike any other contract fabricator around.


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